AMAX saves companies.

Since 1999, AMAX Consulting has earned the trust of Global 50 and smaller
organizations by providing management and technology consulting on multiple levels.


We take pride in our exceptional track record of helping clients solve
their issues, achieving real growth and profitability. At AMAX, you receive the
highest level of quality, integrity and exceptional problem solving skills.


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Helping clients succeed.

We find solutions
to the most tangled problems (we love
this stuff).

AMAX worked with an Internet security firm globally to revise the strategy for the firm, lead operations, resolve numerous legal issues, and lead efforts to reformulate the company, and earned nine patents along the way.


How can we help you?

Do you need help with Package Selection? Do you need assistance moving your data center across the country? Are you exploring whether the cloud is right for you? AMAX can help you with those needs and many, many more. Give us a call today for a free confidential consultation. We are here to help.

AMAX returns companies to profitability using a unique set of business skills.


Since 1978, the founder has consulted with organizations large and small to help them improve. They help strong organizations get better and failing organizations turn their businesses around and restore profitability. From
negotiating contracts, mergers and
acquisitions integration, package selection to helping startups, start up right, AMAX can help virtually any organization. We do it by listening and determining what needs to be done. No secret algorithm, no black box or ten point process, just years of experience, acute business savvy and an ability to get to the heart of a problem – and solve it. And if we can’t, we will refer you to the right resources.


How we help companies like yours.

We are very pleased with our work with CaringBridge.com. We helped rebuild their technology in 2004, setting it up for the success it has earned today -- over 30 million sites and one billion visits.


Allianz Life, a $13 billion insurance company brought in AMAX to evaluate vendors for offshore business. We were able to do so and helped Allianz Life save dollars, consolidate their resources and improve delivery.

Allen Stern, President
and Founder

Everything we do is based on what
you need for your company to succeed.

No two business problems are ever exactly alike. While there may be similarities, company service needs vary across the board. When you partner with AMAX, you will find there are no cookie-cutter solutions. We look at every project from a simple perspective—what do we need to do to solve the problem? Perhaps it’s technology issues that need to be resolved, an inspired strategic plan or implementing better online security. Whatever the issue, AMAX will provide your organization with a plan for success.

We look for the right solution for you.

Our services include:

• Capacity with our partners to assist
   in funding for projects up to $600 million

• “Leading edge” secure social networking

• Teaching K-12, undergraduate, and
   graduate school classes.

• Secure cloud collaboration

• “C level” executive management

• “Leading edge” Internet risk management

• Internet strategy and planning

• Risk management and security planning

• Staffing (hourly and permanent hires)

• Strategic and tactical business & systems planning

• Business process analysis and improvement

• Due diligence and planning for M&A

• Global partnering

• Patent development

• Project & asset management

• Business “turn around” leadership

• Unbiased vendor selection

• Guest speaking: latest security and risk topics


We have partnered with some of the biggest and
the best. And some of the smallest and the best.

Our clients include:

Best Buy
Retail industry leader
in consumer electronics.

Industry leading global
financial services company.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota
Leading regional health care
insurance company.

Multiple early stage start-up firms
we’ve led to success.

What our clients are saying:


Because of the sensitive and controversial nature of our sourcing initiative it was imperative to have a highly ethical leader to manage the process. Having used AMAX successfully in the past, in an equally sensitive situation, making the call to AMAX was a no brainer.

Global 50 President, COO


AMAX led our Internet strategy. I had worked
with them for several years on many other large, critical enterprise projects and greatly valued the high quality of work, ethics, and results they provided every time.

Fortune 500 President


We earned more profit under AMAX leadership than we had earned in the previous seven years - combined.

Founder, CEO


AMAX saved our company by creating an “outside the box” solution.

Fortune 500 CIO

A few examples of how we've helped.

Find out how AMAX can
help your organization.

For a free one-hour confidential consultation on how we might help your enterprise, call or email us at AMAX, today.



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